15,000 approx.     WEEKLY HOTLINE
Since May, 2009     TOTAL UNIVERSE

Phones Available     .25 per Record

These consumers do not qualify for a regular credit card. They hve responded to email and direct mail offers for a pre-paid MasterCard©. They are using this card to re-establish their credit, pay their bills, control their spending and do business in out electronic age.
Website: www.BuyRight.com

Excellent for derogatory credit, sub-prime credit packages, magazine promotions, sweepstakes offers, etc.


Key Coding     $5/M
SCF     $7/M
State     $7/M
Zip     $7/M


EMAIL     $50.00/F

Las Vegas Department
P: 702-736-5382
E: leadking2@aol.com

Phoenix Department
P: 623-869-9656
E: bestlead1@aol.com